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Do you tend to focus on Your results or actions and habits?

resultsThis article deals with how to really get tangible results thanks to diverted focus and changed  perspective.

Every man desires to see the fruits of his / her efforts.

Everyone wants to achieve desired results and experience the sweet feeling which comes from reached goals.

Everybody would picked up the hand if results were giving away.

But it’s not many of those who picks up their hand, if it takes responsibility, if it takes to roll up the sleeves and do what is often not comfortable, but what is necessary to achieve desired results…

In today’s  time of instant soups, microwaves, instant coffee, instant messaging, Internet and instant downloading, as well as movies where the plot is resolved instantly within two hours, there is not enough of those who have the courage to embark on the arduous path of commitment, which builds the character of the man himself as well as his pernament success.

Whoever looks only for results, has a tendency to give up too quickly…

Skipping from one activity to another, because he / her is looking for the easy way out…

Such a man never achieves a true championship in anything – this man is sentenced to life of eternal quitter – he never does anything long enough to be able to acquire knowledge, develop skills and understand what works and what doesn’t…

While those who are primarily focused on building themselves, their daily habits and dedicates most of the day making them grow and improve, over time, they reach the real greatness in any field they choose…

But it requires extraordinary man.

A man who may not even have any degree or come from a wealthy family. They may not even be advantaged at the beginning of their journey.

It requires quite ordinary man, who has only “a reason which is good enough for himself / herself” to grow and refine his / her daily activities and change them into habits…

In this is hidden seed of true greatness.

Because the Great is not the one who says he can do great things. Great is the one who does little things but every day…

Because ultimately these little things and details of everyday activities bring a tremendous results.

However, most people focuses only on results – they want results now and they want to get “a big reward for very small effort”…

They are not willing to go through that process and sow…

Today´s instant time probably helps this…

People are not patient enough and they are not willing to take the seed of new knowledge and put it into their life; transform knowledge in new skills and eventually develop a new habit, which brings changes and creates repeatable results, and brings as well understanding and wisdom

Maybe from time to time, it would beneficial to us to visit a farm and see how a real life and everyday activities which deliver long-term results actually looks.

Affection of impatience is perhaps most noticeable at today’s young generation: If I will not have a results in a few days, then I’d rather do nothing and even wouldn’t start or simply quit now…

And so especially young people give up before they may glimpse the actual results.

This approach is the quickest way to mediocrity.

Nothing against it, if you have a mediocrity as a destination of all your existence…
mediocrity - failure - loss - no success - no results

  • Yes, probably you will not have a bad life.
  • You will have a place to live,
  • you will have some car,
  • you’ll spend days just like most people, you know.

Unless that is what you are looking for and what suits you, then it’s perfectly fine.

But I personally do not believe that any of us is here on Earth in order to live a life of mediocrity. On the contrary, I believe that everyone has a mission that is just waiting to be discovered and everyone has a sufficient capacity to fulfill it…

So if you want to achieve something significant (important), then it’s time to learn a different life approach.

What you should focus on to have results?

It does not make sense to focus on results alone – it leads to nothing.

Yes – it makes sense to have a goal and be aware of what results you want to achieve…

But it will bring nothing if you focus solely on results alone, without any focus on what true results brings…

Results are created by personal activity, by taking the action.

I know it’s unpopular, but the work brings results…

  • Concentrate on developing your skills, which will lead to more efficient and bigger action…
  • Bigger action sharpens your skills.
  • Once you are adroit in your skills, you will achieve the results you desire.

Few specific examples…

What people often mistakenly focus on, but it does not help to improve their life in any way?

Maybe you know some of the following statements:

Do you see that?

Those statements focus solely and only on the results themselves without doing anything about it.

Most people constantly need something.

They walk around and repeat their mantra. Than they additionally create a sense of deprivation, frustration and failure. [See. affirmations]

They desire for the results, and most of the time they spent by thinking about results, or are troubled by the fact that they do not reach them…

How could the above statement look to deliver tangible results?

It may seem trivial to you, however most people simply does not think this way almost never:

  • How can I truly serve others? How can I serve better by the products I offer, or I have created? How can I help more by the services that I provide, or have been promoting? How can I help the largest possible number of people in a unique way today?
  • How do I start exercising? How do I edit my eating habits? Where can I find a training partner or personal trainer to keep me on track day after day. What do I do today to improve my fitness and appearance?
  • For whom I will write a blog – whom I want to help, how and in what way? When and how often I start writing on my blog? When I start creating videos? When and how often I start to contributing valuable content in the discussions. When will I promote my content on Facebook? How will I invest money in advertising? What do I do now to increase my attendance?
  • Where can I find people with the correct mind set? How will I look like when I meet people? How will I communicate on Facebook, or through my own blog. How will I qualify and talk to people? Who will I get in touch today? With whom can I meet today?
  • Who can most benefit from my service or my product? What are these people? Where can I find them? How do I access them? How do I join into communication with them today?
  • What do I need to do to get a better grade? What do I need to prepare? What do I need to learn extra? What new knowledge I need to acquire? What new skill I need to master today?

These questions (and similar) lead you to further thought process and subsequently to the determination of setting the steps and to action.

You can also use the acronym WIN

Psychology of winners = huge results

Acronym (acronym is composed of the initial sounds or syllables of more words) that you can successfully use is this:

  • W – What´s
  • I – Important
  • N – Now

What is important now?

What you need to do now to move in your live and in your results where you want to be?

Create the habit of concentrating on action that leads to results that you are looking for…

Leave your current habit to focus on the result itself (and if you have any results yet at all…).

Also leave the habit “niggle” in your current actions if you did not produce as many results as you imagined.

You need to learn to have repeating patience stretching through several months and during these months to be consistent in action and to hone your skills…

The nature of this world is simply the fact that results are delayed at events that you have undergone…

Equally, you have considerably less influence on the results than on your action you are taking – here you have 100% influence.

The truth is that your action gets different results – sometimes better and sometimes not so good.

You need to realize, however, that if you don’t like your results, you will never change it if you will try to change the results themselves.

The results change only by changing your action…

The results are only responding to your actions or your habits, that focus on action that produces results…

What action and what habits you’ve created, or at least currently changing / creating to achieve the results you want?

IN OTHER WORDS: What are you doing and should do to achieve the results you want?

Remember this powerful truth:

Your current results (and perhaps more appropriate lack of results) comes from the lack of action you have had in recent days or months…

To change your results, first change your habits and your action, because they determine your results, instead of focusing on what you do not have or what you need.

Finally, a few points to remember…

  1. Keep a dream or a vision you want to get – your sufficiently good reason to do something, or something in your life to change.
  2. Have an idea of what kind of results you want to get – positive expectations generate positive actions and positive results.
  3. Take this idea about the desired results and ask questions leading to finding what you need to do to achieve the desired results – what actions lead to results?
  4. Create a plan of action that you need to undergo and define your everyday actions – daily routine, which will gradually lead to the desired outcomes.
  5. Continue, Do not look back, endure for at least a month, better for 3 months and evaluate the results that have so far acquired by activity.
  6. If you are in a right direction, continue the daily routine you have set. If you are off right direction, what change in the daily activities will get you back to the course? Make the necessary adjustments.
  7. Celebrate every milestone on yourway to achieving your dreams, to fulfilling your vision.


Have a nice day and I look forward to see you on our personal meeting.

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