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Financial Freedom: How to make money for investments, gain passive income and financial freedom?

Svoboda, Finanční svoboda & Finanční nezávislostHow can be obtained financial freedom and what options you have, when the financial freedom is something you desire?

In the second half of the article, you can find:

Financial Freedom – many people desire it…

After the financial freedom actually desires many people – at least they say that to me, when I have a chance to talk to them on this topic.

The truth is that only a mere fraction of them start their journey to financial freedom

The truth also is that most people have no idea what financial freedom is and how to get it, just like they do not know anyone who has it, anyone who is able to inspire them or answer their questions…

And so the people on the one side would like to have financial freedom, on the other side blindly follow the example (the only one they know) their parents, friends and acquaintances and go to get jobs,where is minimal chance to gain financial freedom…

[If you have an idea of what financial freedom is, and you are ready to start working on yours to be gained, then fill in the form on this page, meet and talk about how we can cooperate on our financial freedom together…]

What exactly is the financial freedom? [A few definitions…]

Financial freedom is a condition where a person has such a passive financial income that covers all the necessary monthly expenses and such financial income is not collected on the basis of active work or work of this person.

Another useful definition…

Financial freedom is a term used to describe the state of a man who has enough personal wealth to be able to live indefinitely without having to work for their basic needs. – Wikipedia

Financial freedom is a person’s ability to manage money in such a way that it has sufficient funds to live the life, they voluntarily chose without their active participation or without the help of others. – Nightingale Conant

Financial freedom is therefore a condition where a person earns revenue based on previously established system or accumulated assets (property) that generate income regularly and indefinitely regardless of whether one is on making actively involved or not – income is thus passive (residual ) and is higher than the overall cost of living of the person and comes again, still and forever…

Once you create a passive income in that moment you can leave your job, work or business where you earn active income, without affecting of your standard of living.

Note that any of the definitions above do not mention the amount of money. It is always a specific for each person and his lifestyle and needs, than money alone. Financial freedom for everyone means something different and for each person is on a different level.

In the real economic environment exists inflation. It is therefore necessary to have a situation where the pumped passive income (rent, residual income) may grow at least as fast as inflation is rising and so maintain the condition cover the necessary expenses in the future.

Financial freedom does not necessarily mean that you have to be rich…

You will get Your financial freedom when you calculate your monthly costs and will secure a system or asset that generates such income, which will cover your expenses, plus it increases within the inflation rate.

For example, if your monthly expenses are £1000 and you create an asset that will generate monthly income £1500- 2000 plus annually increases for inflation, without having to necessarily getting up in the morning from the bed, then you have financial freedom, yet you do not necessarily have to be rich…

But your financial freedom is large enough for you to be able to do much of what you want without necessity to go to work to have this income.

What does financial freedom mean to you?

Knowing the general definition is nice – but what financial freedom and independence mean to you personally?

  • The man who used to live in luxury, will have the limit of financial freedom posed higher than a man who can live modestly.
  • To anyone who used to live modestly, it will be easier to achieve financial freedom and most likely he / her will reach it more quickly.
[First task]: Pick up the paper and pencil right now and in the middle of the paper write a number which means financial freedom for you. Calculate your monthly expenses and write down the amount you would need to earn as passive income to achieve your financial freedom.

Financial freedom and time freedom…

Once you have fixed income and do not spend 8 hours a day (or more) that you have to take care of your livelihood, suddenly you get an enormous amount of time with which you can do, whatever pleases you…

People are often frightened of what they will do once they acquire financial freedom – the majority argue that they did not want to stay home and do nothing…

I don’t disprove it.

Personally, I also could not imagine doing nothing – this is not the purpose of obtaining financial and time freedom.

Be time independent does not mean doing nothing.

Rather, it means that you determine how your day will look like – how, where and with whom you spend it. Your day and how it looks like is not determined by your superiors, subordinates or your customers

Once the financial freedom is reached, suddenly 8 (or more) hours a day, that you spend at work now, can be used to do something noble, what you believe, or to be a change that will make a real difference in the lives of others…

You can:

  • teach other people how to achieve their financial freedom,
  • devote your time to charity work for free,
  • give your time to the children at the orphanage to prepare them better for life,
  • go to the area where the natural disaster happened and help as a volunteer,
  • go to pass your knowledge and experience to the countries of third world …

You can do a lot of great things when you have time and money. It does not mean to sit on your bottom and do nothing.

My wife is a dentist. Once we achieve our financial freedom, her dream is to go for a few months into the Africa and help there people with dental care – provide it to people who need it.

On the other hand, if you have the financial and time freedom, you can also travel without restriction (depending on how big your financial freedom is it and what allows you) and discover the real world, without you having to worry about the fact that after two or four weeks, you have to back to your work…

Financial Freedom & Retirement – Another great reason to be financially independent…

Depending on the company you work for or a goverment that they will take care of your in old age, is very irresponsible nowadays – both towards you alone and toward your family, because they are the ones upon which falls the responsibility and burden at a time when you will not be able to take care of yourself …

The situation in the world has changed.

Nothing is guaranteed, as it was previously. You, who born earlier perhaps may have some retirement payment…

But people who were born after 1970 and younger – can they count on it?

And if you will have a pension…

Can you imagine yourself to change your live from a current £1200, £1500, £2000 (or more) per month, which you actively earn now, to receive about £660 per month (or less) when you turn 65?

  • Can you continue to run your household?
  • Will You be able to maintain your standard of living?
  • Do you think, that you will be able at least to live with dignity?

For myself I can’t imagine that, therefore I work on it. I take care of it now instead to be surprised when I’m 65 years old with no possibility to changed it due my advanced age, lack of energy, perhaps illness or personal incompetence…

When you create a passive income (residual income, annuity), your financial freedom is possible.

2 basic pillars HOW can be obtained financial freedom…

In essence, to your financial freedom you can go by two routes:

  1. by reducing your current costs – usually simpler and faster, but it has its limitations – you can not do it forever, but you can enlarge the difference between your income and expenditure, and this difference is used to create a larger financial cushion and investments that can gradually bring more passive income and eventually gain full financial freedom for you.
  2. by increasing your current income – to create or accumulate such an amount of assets (possession, which brings income) in order to reach the required annuity (residual income / residual or passive income), while the condition of covering inflation is met, making you unable to stop actively work.

To move toward financial freedom faster, it is wise to build these two pillars at the same time.

What assets generally generate passive income and through which financial freedom can be obtained?

What assets (property) can be a source of passive income (residual income, annuity) and you can obtained through them financial freedom and independence?

  • Renting of real estate and other invested assets
  • Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing – consumable distribution network
  • Business ownership – classical business with employees
  • Stocks dividends, bonds and income from funds
  • Royalties from the books (of literary, artistic and scientific), patents, music, etc.
  • Royalties from the use or provision of industrial or other intellectual property
  • Interest on deposits accounts or loans (You lend someone, not that you loan for yourself)
  • Licensing patents for the operation of a system or program
  • Leasing a professional or academic qualifications
  • Lifetime annuity or a pension granted by another entity
  • Income from growth of value of your past investments

What does not bring, by my opinion, eihter passive income or financial freedom?

In my opinion (and I may be wrong for a specific situation) Financial freedom does not come from the following financial instruments:

  • precious metals and stones – gold, silver, diamonds …
  • antiques & art

Because in most cases these instruments generate no income, you can not really talk about that those will help you to get your financial freedom.

In my opinion, these instruments can retain great value of money and can generate income when you sell it – but only once.

On the other hand, it is advisable to have them in your portfolio, in case of crisis or war, when for example flat you rent, you can not take it anywhere. But with gold, silver or diamonds it’s quite easy to do.

Can YOU get financial freedom? Let’s face it…

Let’s look at the situation with the help of so-called Cash flow quadrant, which divides the economically active people into four groups according to the method of their earnings:

  • People employed
  • People self-employed
  • People who own businesses larger dimensions – business owners
  • People who invest

People employed & Financial Freedom…

Employed people have very little chance of becoming financially free, if they rely only on their jobs. In 99.99% of jobs, there is no way to become financially free.

It can be possible perhaps only if you work where you can bring some improvement or invention for the company you work for, if they buy it from you and pay you a percentage of the remuneration of each sold piece…

But I heard about one case only where it happened (and this information is not verified) – 3M and it’s quick notes post

Most of the job, however, is not designed to make financially free someone else than the owner of the company.

If you are employed, and it is important for you to gain financial freedom, you need to generate an income outside of your jobs.

The solution is to do business or invest – see further.

Creating financial funds for an easier life…

At least one advantage having a job has – in your job you have relatively stable and predictable income for months and you can use this fact to your advantage and to put off part of your income to create financial funds according to priorities:

  1. Fund for repairs – in case of accidents in the home, repair or purchase new washer, refrigerator, heating, toilet, car repair, etc..
  2. Reserve fund for life – unemployment – how long would you be able to keep your current lifestyle without a sharp reduction? 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months? The longer the better and more peaceful life you will have…
  3. Fund for financial independence / wealth – for business and investment – for the opportunity to gather capital for starting your own business or investment and ultimately, to become financially independent, wealthy eventually, if this is your interest…
  4. Fund for giving – giving has a stunning effect on the soul as well as your subconscious. Learn to be generous and pay money to your favorite charity or things that you want to support and believe in them and trust me, to generous people comes more and more blessings

For each of the four funds is sufficient to create a simple envelope or use a shoebox and each month postpone certain pre-defined percentage from your income (somewhere between 1% – 10% of your income) into each and it needs to develop a habit of doing it every month.

After all, the creation of financial funds is very useful for all other cash flow quadrant groups…

Perhaps you are saying yourself now, that you can barely make it with what you currently earning to cover your monthly expenses…

I’m not surprised. Most of the people has it that way.

The good news is that it can change…

In this project, I can personally help you to fulfillment of these funds…

Self-employed people & Financial Freedom…

Often those are professionals such as a lawyer, dentist, real estate broker, dealer, financial advisor, coach, trainer, consultant, etc.

They have the potential to gain financial freedom if they devise a way to replace themselves in what they do, in what they offer as a service. Which is often a problem – way of thinking of most of them is that they are the only ones who can do the service the best.

This way of thinking will help them to a greater amount of work that will be very well paid, but often doesn’t lead to their own financial freedom.

If you are self-employed, the solution can be for you:

  • get royalties from the use or provision of industrial or other intellectual property,
  • get royalties from literary, artistic and scientific pieces,
  • loaning a professional or academic qualifications or
  • create a system which will replace yourself in what you do,
  • or start some other business which allow financial freedom or
  • start investing from what you earning in your profession…

Business owners & Financial Freedom…

There is the potential for financial freedom – especially if there are well-established systems and processes work and quality, the company is well-established on the market and big enough. Has a quality and well trained staff, management and leadership. And the work and the results doesn’t depend on the owner itself and his limited time, knowledge and experience.

If the company is sufficiently profitable, there is also a possibility to have enough income to invest – whether to expand its own production and increase income, or buy other businesses and expanding its portfolio of products and services (acquisition), or investing in real estate, commodities, funds, etc.

Investors & Financial Freedom …

There are people who call themselves investors, who buy and then after some time sell – does not matter whether it is the real estate, precious metals and stones or stocks, commodities, or something else…

When you accumulate this profit and then invest it to make profits regularly – every month or every year, you will start to form your financial independence.

To get financial freedom, you need to invest (buy) stake in the company, you do not manage (with its own management), but earn income. Or to buy properties from which comes the income in the form of lease or buy shares from which the income is in the form of dividends etc.

2 types of assets that generates passive income that I like – PLUS Advantages and Disadvantages …

1. Network Marketing – Developing of customer distribution network…

For most people, this is the only realistic way to create passive income and achieve their financial freedom without having to have a lot of money for capital investment in the beginning. As a big bonus they can get a personal mentor to guide them through the entire process of achieving financial freedom .

At the same time this is also a possibility which people often do not understand well enough or have prejudices and because of that they often overlooking it for their own harm…

But the truth is that once you have a large enough consumer organization that uses products and services for their own consumption and share it with other people, then you have an asset that generates passive monthly income:

  • which initially may be a reinforcement to your current income
  • until gradually cover your monthly expenses,
  • as it can you bring a superior lifestyle…

Once you reach the so-called critical size of your organization and by multiplying your time and effort you will achieve momentum and exponential growth – the organization then grows with a minimal investment of your time and effort and generates increasing passive income for you.


  • You get personal coaching, mentoring and leadership for free
  • access to the educational system and the sharing of best practices,
  • you will improve your communications skills with other people
  • Low capital investment at the beginning,
  • the ability to have a business based on quality and environment friendly products and services from the range, which you can use by yourselves,
  • all the benefits of traditional types of business without those risks…


  • You have to accept temporarily loss of respect in your community.
  • Some people in your neighborhood will not understand what you do and what you want to achieve.
  • You’ll have to swallow and overcome some rejection.

If you are thinking, how would it be to OWN YOUR LIFE AND LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS – Life according to your wishes and Rules, then click here…

Own your life means live life without limits – when you subtract out sleeping time, commuting time, working time and time for things you have to each and every day of your life, most people don´t have more than one or two hours each day to do what htey like to do.

And when they have the time – unfortunately they do not have enough money for doing it…

I discovered a way a person can “live a life without borders” by building home-based business and I have a system for doing it that is so simple, that almost everybody who has a dream and wants to fulfill it can do it.

This does not include selling and the best part is that it does not take much time either – maybe 30 minutes of concentrated effort / day.

Do you want to know about it more? Contact me here…

2. Property – Investment in flats / houses and the income from rents

If you have deferred (borrowed) money on the initial capital investment and you have at least £ 180.000, then you can find the property that you can purchase, rent and earn passive income from rent.

An option may be to obtain a mortgage based on your current active income from employment or business, through which you can buy the property and begin to rent.

The problem with this approach is that the mortgage comes with an increase in your monthly expenses.

Even though you lease a property for profit, this profit can just cover your monthly mortgage payment – if you lucky. If you are not lucky there is also possibility, that you would need to cover difference between your the incoming rent payments and your mortgage payment from your active income…

So if you think about a mortgage, than take it for your own home, but it will not move you closer to gain your financial freedom.

If you have saved several thousands pounds, or find a way how to get more money (ie. Other people’s money – investors), or a source of revenue that will supplement purchase of additional properties or cover the monthly mortgage payment, then you gradually accumulate a sufficient number of properties which will bring enough passive income in the form of lease that covers or exceeds all of your monthly expenses, you have to cover…

For example, when you have 10 apartments for rent totaling 1 million to 3,5 million pounds, then by location you approximately earn between  6.000 to 12.000 £ / month, which is 60.000 to 120.000 £ per year, taking into account the fact that not all 12 months in flats are occupied by tenants.

And this brings enough passive income for most families to ensure that they had the financial freedom. But there is a catch that most families doesn’t have THAT investment in the beginning.

If you want to solve it, contact me here.


  • To rent an apartment you need to have almost no knowledge – especially if you let a real estate agent to find a tenant for you and to draw up a contract and point to various legislation


  • High capital investment in thousands of pounds.
  • It’s a very slow way how to achieve an interesting passive income, unless you have a large sum at the beginning.
  • Not always you will have tenants, so it may happen that you do not receive a full 12 months of the year, for example only 10.
  • You need to respond rapidly in the event of flat’s equipment failure
  • Whenever the spatial planning and construction changes to your disadvantage, it can happen that you lose a lot of your investment, because the apartment you can’t move to better location.

12 points on how to proceed to achieve your financial freedom and independence…

1. Decide whether is financial freedom important to you

Most people never get into a state of financial freedom because they never think about it, or do not know exactly what it means, so they simply can not reach it.

And so are the people for whom it is simply not important and it doesn’t bother them. How do you have it?

2. Decide what financial freedom means to you personally

What is your personal situation? What concept of financial freedom means to you personally?

  • Calculate the cost of your current life – food, clothing, housing, car loans, energy, entertainment, commuting, etc., increase this number by inflation.
  • Determine what passive income you will need to be generated through your assets to gain financial freedom…

3. Decide how and in what area you want to generate passive income in order to achieve your financial freedom

In what areas will you create or accumulate assets to gain passive income that will allow you to financial freedom?

  • Which area attracts you and what would you like to learn more about it and become a real expert in it and a professional?
  • This is connected with regular personal development – in what area you want to invest your time for education?

You can not be good enough in everything, You need to narrow the focus and concentrate on what attracts you most.

Once you reach your mastery in a given area, then you will be able to create enough passive income, and you can learn more in other areas, or simply hire someone else who already mastred those areas.

4. Review what funds you have available

What can you afford to invest in the beginning?

  • Not always you have to create an asset – if you have a few million crowns, you can eg. buy the property, occupy it with tenants and you will have rental income…
  • If you have no or very little money, then learn how to earn them – the best options is in the business, because business is gradually more and more “scalable” (option to increase income without limitation) instead of selling more and more of your time in temporary jobs or in a second job – there will always be limitations…

5. Create a plan how to get to the target amount of passive income

Have You selected an area in which you want to get a passive income? Then:

  • What assets can you buy? What can you afford with your funds?
  • What assets can you create? What will you start doing / in what area will you start a business to raise capital in the fund for investments?

You need to find or create as many passive income sources that would be able to cover your costs without you having the job and worj on them every day of the month.

6. Start to accumulate capital into funds (see. Above) and create a financial cushion

If you do not learn to accumulate capital from what you earn currently, in fact it does not matter how much you will earn in the future…

You have to learn to discipline yourself and accumulate capital:

  • Store the percentage of your income to 4 funds – for repairs, for reserve for the life, for financial independence / wealth, and for giving – viz. text above…
  • Accumulate the difference between current revenues and expenditures and defer it

This difference can be magnified by cropping the current costs or increasing your earning capacity – and best combine both directions simultaneously.

7. Surround yourself with a team of professionals, advisors and mentors to help you to gain results faster

The world today is too complex, diverse and fast, to rely on the fact, that you can learn and do everything yourself – you do not have time for this…

  • Find people who will help you on your journey – use professional help.
  • Entrust professionals with some activities – such as: why look for an apartment for investment or tenant yourself, if you can use a real estate agent professional and save yourself a lot of time and errors, and instead to pursue the things that you enjoy more…

Keep your mentor – whether it is for a business and increasing profits from your business or investment…

8. Think of the way, how you can recycle your work previously done

This is particularly true of business – think about what you’ve done so far – can it be used in a different way …?

  • An example of recycling may be this article you are reading now – if I would extend it, I could make it an ebook, or to make it an audio book to download, or to make it a presentation – one thought in multiple forms brings more results and often more revenue…
  • I wrote about recycling in conjunction with the online marketing…

If you remember to recycle, it can be a way to increase your profits and your fund for investments expand rapidly – from one job well done and with only tiny variations.

9. Surround yourself with a team of colleagues and multiply your results

Similar to point 7, but in this case, the multiplication of your personal time, energy, effort, knowledge and experience through other people in the area where you yourself are operating – so you can do more than you can do as individuals:

  • Network marketing allows it naturally through people in your team
  • For properties, it can be through investments and experience of others

Surround yourself with a team of people who believe in what you’re doing, create a strong and friendly relations and create an unbeatable team in any area that is important to you …

10. Invest and build your investment portfolio

To insure the future and expand your financial independence, it needs to start investing.

Old Jewish rule advises that you should divide your investment into:

  • Realty
  • precious metals (eg. gold, silver)
  • currency (paper currency denominated investments)

It is smart to have a specialist, or at least a mentor who really knows the area and can prove their results, for every single area of investment…

11. Add steadfastly one source of passive income to another

Do it till you create enough flow that will be equal to, or better will exceed your current living expenses – here we presume that costs will be maintained at the same level.

12. Financial freedom and independence

Achievement of what you’ve set at the beginning – and from that moment it is about its expanding…

Congratulations – there is not too many people who reach this goal…

It is not so that they could not do it, but simply they are not patient and persevering, because they are trapped in the thinking and habit of instant rewards and “mikrowave thinking” …

“I want everything now – I don’t want to wait and don’t want to save the funds for an easier life and I do not want to go through this way and that process …”

You are different – and for that, your financial freedom is definitely deserved!


Financial freedom is possible.

Another good news is that it’s even possible for you.

Especially if you think about it and find your own way how to reach it.

Find a reason good enough for yourself, to gain your own financial independence – whether it’s a possibility to stop going to work, not to have a boss, and the opportunity to have the freedom to travel or have a secure retirement, and you go for it …

If I can assist you in this area, within the methods that I use myself, please contact me.

I wish you a great day and look forward to our personal meeting.


PS: Do you want to reach your financial freedom & life without borders sooner than others?

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