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How Self-Management help achieve your vision? [Bonus Example: daily routine, you can immediately copy…]

Self-management, routineThe article discusses how to master self-management in terms of mastering the self-control (self-management) and your activities with respect to your time during the day.

In other words, how to manage (lead) yourself and manage your time so that you are efficient at what you do and you can achieve more quickly and easily all goals, you desire to achieve…

In the article I will also share with you an example of the daily routine, you can immediately apply to your daily schedule.

Explaination of the concept of Self-management…

Generally, the concept of self-management is used to describe the process of self-improvement – work on yourself, or personality development.

Self-management describes the process by which we have been improving ourselves and is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Self-knowledge – once you know yourself, your strengths and your features for improvement
  2. Self-development – you can develop and improve yourself,
  3. Self-esteem – and evaluate and again eventually return to self-development …

Self-management as I perceive it…

I do not have a patent on wisdom and I don´t even have the ambition to change the generally established concepts, but I see the word self-management based on my personal feeling this way…

I perceive Self-management more as an individual’s ability to control (manage or lead) myself to the level of a single day so as to fulfill it’s life’s vision and mission, while also accelerates the development of personality, so that that person can grow to a level where it is able to fulfill its vision and life mission.

For the purpose of this article, therefore, I do not want to describe self-improvement and personal development as such…

In this article I will describe self-management from the perspective of individuals’ ability to control oneself during one day.

We could therefore also use the word self-guidance, self-lead and also there is some connection with Time management, yet I will emotionally stick with the word self-management…

Why practice self-management? Why begin to manage (lead) yourself?

What will self-management bring to you?

Only and only if you can lead yourself, you are well on your way so that you can achieve positive results in what you are going to implement and achieve your vision or also be able to lead others…

You can not achieve anything significant,

  • if you are not systematic,
  • if you have and tolerate chaos in your affairs,
  • if you’re not disciplined enough …

If you simply do not practice self-control and if it can not manage / lead itself.

The sad fact is that wasteful people are rarely able to present a summary of their monthly expenditure, even though they repeatedly at the end of the month found,that they have spent too much money.

Another sad fact is that most people are not able to say what they expended their time for each day, month or year, and so their life is running out – wasting their time, which is much more valuable than money. Many people don’t have even a general overview of where their time is lost.

If we lose money, we regret it…

However only a Few people is worried that they wasted a day or two…

And yet money may be recovered fairly easily. But the time can not be replaced at all.

If you don´t pay attention to every single day, and you won´t care about not wasted it, your days will pass unnoticed and eventually melt away your entire life.

How big loss is a wasted day? Priceless…

If you take into account that every day:

  • You can move a step forward to your life without borders
  • You can learn something new that will help you the next day,
  • You can meet someone who will help you,
  • You can create something that will help you or someone else in next day,
  • You can get the answer to the question above which have puzzled you a couple of weeks,

Value of single day rise sharply.

Every single day can mean a positive difference you can apply tomorrow for your own benefit…

If you understand the value of a single hour, then:

I’ve never met a person who would have a major achievement, and who could not manage (lead) himself, who was not disciplined and who did not plan his time.

Self-management will allow you to take full advantage of your own potential as well as it is one of the characteristics of a good leader.

If you’ve ever thought that you will lead a project or become an entrepreneur, then you have to learn to control yourself every single day.
Whether you’re in a business for yourself (as a Self-employed), or you have a team of people with whom you cooperate, self-management will enable you to be more efficient, more productive and achieve more in the allotted time.

The truth is that as a self-employed entrepreneur, you almost always have limited your success to your personal time, energy level, effort, knowledge and skills, money, and therefore need to manage / lead yourself so you could produce enough results to be able to make a living …

If you want to have unlimited success in business, you must have a way how to multiply your personal time, your energy, knowledge, skills and money.


In more people you can do more. Not the individuals but teamwork is what wins championships …

You can produce unlimited success when working with others.

If you are able to self-control, then you have the potential to be able to lead others…

Conversely, you can not lead others and you will never be allowed to lead unless you can lead yourself first.

Skill of self-management is therefore one of the basic skills you need to hone if you want to become a good manager or leader.

How self-management apply into your life? How to start?

First you need to decide that you want to manage yourself, your time, your thoughts and ultimately your life.

Most people during their whole life does not find a reason good enough to proceed to self-management and why they should be disciplined. Also, most of their productive life is wasted and they will never emerge themselves from mediocrity.

For most people every morning looks like this: they hit the snooze button three times on the alarm clock or their mobile, then flip out of the bed, throw the coffee into themselves and run to work / school.

And it is a reliable way of being stressed out all day, never be on time, feel at the mercy of situations / events / circumstances and other people and eventually get a heart attack…

To make this decision:

  1. firstly you need vision, or at least some idea of where you want to go [a good enough reason for yourself why you should be disciplined in your life] and
  2. then you need to create a schedule of daily tasks, called: Plan a daily routine, which gradually leads you to the vision / idea.

You must have vision or idea of a desired state:

  • to start practicing your daily routine, because there is a large gap between plan something and start to act according to that plan, manage and perform various steps daily
  • to manage to keep practicing your daily routine in the long run on a daily basis.

Vision or idea of the desired state then serves as a motivational tool for the realization of the first step, as well as motivation every day to continue.

Mediocrity and satisfaction with what you have, will not work in this case.

You know, I too don’t want to get up at 5:30 or 6:00, but I do it because it’s part of my routine that leads to the fulfillment of my vision and helps me achieve more …

When you would have a vision, you will be able do the same…

Self-management and daily routine …

No one can be successful in the long term without deep awareness of the value of time. Depending on how we handle our time and how we appreciate it, to some extent, we determine how successful we will be.

And to maximize your time and effective self-management will serve us well the daily routine.

It wil be easier for you to manage / lead yourself on the daily basis, if you have created a daily routine that you would follow.

By daily routine I mean that you have fragmented every single day into certain blocks, in which you deal with specific functions.

Self-management and people who are employed…

If you are employed you probably have a daily routine determined by your work plan from your employer – you have a description of activities, you have to do during the day.

However, if you want to create something beyond the scope of your employment, you need to create a daily routine anyway for the time when you are working for yourself – i.e. for 1-5 hours when you are not at work and you work on some of your own project.

Self-management for self-employed and entrepreneurs…

If you work for yourself or you own a business, the daily routine should be established throughout your day – whether you’re working 8 or more hours a day, and should also include time to rest.

What to put as a goal, what you could accomplish in self-management?

As the great goal of self-management, can serve an example of my mentor who works from home just 3 days a week and it has been for a long 35 years. You can reach it also.

On Monday he begins to work, Tuesday he will break week, and on Wednesday afternoon at four his work ends. And yes, I forgot to add that he is very successful.

  • He gets up every Monday morning at 8 o’clock and indulges himself an hour for breakfast.
  • From nine o’clock to eleven he plans for the entire three-day working week – writes gradually tasks that lead to his long-term goals. He writes individual tasks sequentially as they occur in his paper diaries.
  • When he sees durring writing that his day begins to fill, he stops and starts writing into the next day.
  • Once he has thus filled a three-day working week and some tasks remain, he turns the page and plans another week and writes his tasks for next Monday.

He works three days a week and four days spends with his family, friends, going for walks, travels, meditates on new business concepts, and draws his energy for the next working week.

When he talks about his working week, he always adds:

I think anyone can do it. That was the main reason why I started to live this lifestyle. I wanted people to know that they can also do it …

Would not it be great if you could live like this?

You can. But before you will be at his level, first you have to learn self-management in the time that you have available.

How could your daily routine look like?

For another example of self-management, I did not want to go too far and I will share with you my own daily routine.

Remember, however, that your daily routine will vary depending on your vision, as well as what you can / can not during the day afford to do, and also what type of person you’re – whether you are a morning or rather nocturnal.

Adjust then the routine at your discretion.

6:00 to 8:00 am

Whether you like it or not, how you organize your morning, sets the pace for whole day.

When you get up early, you’ll have plenty of quiet and peaceful time for yourself and your work and you go to bed earlier and take advantage of those hours when you have a deeper and healthier sleep – before 12 pm at the evening.

That’s why most of the week I get up at 6 am in the morning. Sometimes, precisely at 6, sometimes at 5:30 am – if I can’t sleep and sometimes even at 6:30 if I feel too tired from previous day.

I’ll make some tea, which wakes me up. A variant may be cold water if you prefer this.

In the mean time I go out to the garden and while standing in the cold air in a dressing gown, I look up at the stars and meditate while cool air starts my body and mind. If you believe in God, this is the first opportunity to pray.

Then I go to my computer and start working on my projects – in particular the creative work. But never handle e-mails at this hour, because it gets me out of the ability to think creatively right in the morning.

I create till 7:45, when my family gets up and it’s time for breakfast together.

8:00 to 9:00

In this hour a lot can be done.

  • Shared breakfast with the family,
  • study books,
  • morning hygiene,
  • stretching & physical exercise.

Why read in the morning, even if it was only for 10-15 minutes?

You simply prepare yourself for the whole day if you put a positive piece of information or something new to learn into your mind.

Never, however, do not read the newspaper or do not look at the news / entertainment shows on television, you will not learn anything positive, plus you will have a problem to be on time.

Why stretching and physical exercise?

Morning stretching will reliably wake you up and warm you up before the upcoming day, just as the brain washes out endorphins, which washes out during muscle stress and creates good mood, feelings of happiness, relieves pain.

And now is time to leave for school with my son.

9:00 to 10:00

Time after returning from school is devoted to handling e-mail, publication of articles, various modifications or repairs that do not require too much creativity and is rather mechanical side of things.

Plain and simple office work, which is needed to settle from previous day or in the morning.

10:00 to 11:00 (sometimes need until 11:30)

It’s time for handling calls for this day:

  • I call potential customers, business partners and arranging meetings.
  • At the end of this time slot I handle various matters with the authorities, accounting, etc. that require telephone contact.

11:00 (11:30) – 13:00

At this time I implement conversations with other people – sometimes it is a consultation, sometimes coaching or presentation.

Likewise, the work may revolve around web projects, articles, or clarification and rethinking strategy and compilation of different systems or work processes.

Depends on the day and plan.

1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. (2:00 p.m.)

Lunch break.

Sometimes stretched to an hour, if I need to prepare something personally.

1:30 (2:00) – 3:00

If I have missed calls in the morning, then I call back now.

Otherwise, there is a block of time where I can create, write, think, plan, make decisions, or possibly realize interviews consulting, coaching or presentations.

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

At this time, it depends on the day of the week.

The first half of the week for me it looks different than the second.

Here belongs:

  • Picking up my son from school and spend quality time together and to deepen our relationship,
  • Physical activity – walk out into the countryside, park, forest or climb the nearest hill,
  • Personal development – listening to audio recordings when walking and taking notes and memos,
  • Meditation & development vision,
  • when the weather is nice, there may also fall sunbathing and reading …

At the end of this time slot snack or small dinner.

5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Time slot, which I dedicated to the development of my network marketing business.

Ie. notably the realization of presentations, meeting new people or mentoring.

Between meetings there is usually room for snack or dinner.

If I don’t have any meetings, I spend time with my family or my hobbies and entertainment.

After 9:00 p.m.

All work on the matter have been completed and it is time to calm down.

Very rarely happens that I drag over 9pm, but if it is necessary, however, it may be.

Then here comes the evening hygiene, sometimes nice film or documentary.

Between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Going to bed. Evening books study. Sleep.

Fridays and Weekends

I follow the same routine daily from Monday to Thursday.

On Friday, the situation is somewhat different in that on Friday I have more free day and I’m not so strict in a routine and I usually dont wake up at 6 am.

Similarly weekends when I’m more devoted to family, recreation, sightseeing and attractions or entertainment.

Last words to the self-management and daily routine…

Begin to be more disciplined. Start managing more yourself and your day.

Find a good enough reason to begin to practice self-management, establish a daily routine and start to follow it.

If you stick to your routine, then it is a sure way to the top.

Meet me there.

I wish you a great day and look forward to our personal meeting.

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