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Start up your project – 12 points, which you must not forget …

Start Up

In this article I will share with you 12 points to start your own business project, or start up from scratch.

Many people in their lifes, sooner or later get into the situation when they realize that their job in the corporate world does not fulfill them as much as they imagined at the beginning…

They feel they don´t have enough freedom or enough influence on their life or sufficient personnel or financial award, and they start thinking about how to start their own business, and have something of their own …

Their susceptibility to various opportunities rises from zero, they start to look around and become more open to different ideas and start to build their own concept of what they wanted and were willing to do and what can financially support their lifestyle.

Often they start to look around on different types of small businesses in a way so it was based on their current profession or it was their hobby.

That’s nice, but it might not be the best indicator of what type of business they should start up …

Below you will find 12 points that you should go through and think about them for your successful Start up…

FIRST: Why article about Start-up projects? The story of how it all began …

Topic about Start Up projects is not typical for this web…

However, a few weeks ago, I was approached by the Starting Up magazine and asked about an interview with one of the editors about the business, a Start Up Business and personal development. In truth I was initially surprised. I do not feel like an expert on Start Up Businesses and probably I never be :).

Even though I Started Up couple of projects through my life…

  • for example. Company, which was selling double glazing glass to manufacturers of plastic windows and doors, which I got to the turnover of £2,1 Mio during the first 10 months or
  • some web Start Up projects, thanks to one of them I was able to earn over £3000 during one month.

Start Up is still something that I am not specialist. I consider beginning of every project as a necessary part of a journey to success, not the stage I would like to focus on.

Still, there are a few things that you might consider if you’re planning to run a Start Up project…

How to Start Up your project? A couple of things that you should consider at the beginning of your Start Up project…

1) Your should always Start Up your project with an idea

Think of the way how you can serve others.

Turnover and earnings are always a reflection of how:

  • good a quality you serving to others,
  • urgent problem of others you solve and how much wanted goods / services you provide
  • how many people you serve – there is difference whether you serve a few or hundreds…

2) Go talk about your idea with potential customers about your Start Up

If you can, create the cheapest possible sample / prototype of what you want to provide and go to potential customers and try to sell them.

You will get valuable feedback and objections that you can use to modify the product / service.

Only a market survey based on questionnaires without sales will not generate valuable results because people behave differently when they have
something tentative answer, or they have to pull out their wallet and make a purchase.

3) Create a vision of what you want to reach with your Start Up

Where do you want to get with your Start Up project?

  • Think about the ideal situation – what if there were no borders and no restrictions in terms of time and money?
  • What do you want to achieve with your Start up project?

The ultimate vision helps you to be more excited, to see the bigger picture and be more attractive to customers as well as potential business partners.

4) Create a roadmap

You can not do everything at once.

Divide the Start Up project at some phases, and grant them a certain priority.

  • What is most important thing to do first? What is the second? Etc.
  • Will you need somebody’s help?
  • Will you need to buy something special?

Create your goals and dates…

5) Think of a way you would monetize in your Start Up

  • How will you generate cash flow in your Start Up?
  • On what you capitalize?

It’s nice, that you like what you want to do and enjoying it – it can be a plus, although people who make a successful Start Up projects are not necessarily fans of the sector in which start up project operates.

However there is still a question – how you would earn money.

If you don´t have a way how you will monetize, we can not talk about success or that you can survive that situation in the long run.

You need to earn money. Please have a plan in advance how you would do it.

6) Find suppliers for your Start Up

If you need any vendor, find it and find out what conditions can get.

  • What price you can have when you will buy a certain quantity of goods?
  • How many days due do you get for your invoices?
  • What services do they provide?
  • Are they provide guarantees?
  • How quickly are able to provide repair of something they provide?
  • Etc.

7) What are your competitors for your Start Up?

  • Who is it? What they offer?
  • What makes you better than them? Or what do you do differently?

You need to stand out, so you should have the answers to these questions.

And remember: If there is competition, it does not mean it’s wrong.

It only shows you that in this area there is demand for the solutions you offer, you just need to figure out how you can be different or better
than the competitors.

Stand out of crowd.

8) Who should be in your team?

One person can not handle everything alone. You need people who will help you. You need a team.

  • Who should be on your team?
  • What you do not know to do?
  • Who do you need for that kind of work?
  • What do you hate doing?

Do you have to have someone on the team who you would pay on regular basis, or it is enough for you to have someone who is a freelancer and take the required work / responsibilities and is paid on a commission basis?

9) Do you need special space for your Start  Up for providing your goods / service?

  • Need an office?
  • Need a storage?
  • Do you need production facilities?

It is always better to start in your own garage or on your computer before you rent something bigger (the same way started Apple, Amazon, and many others), but depends on whether it is possible for the type of product or service that you plan to provide.

10) Can you sell through partners?

Can you sell through an established network of stores / websites?

Do it.

This enables you to quickly get the results and you can get a leverage (for your time, money effort) through the already established retail chain / tool.

However, also gradually  learn how you can successfully sell your idea without the intervention of partners…

11) Get money to start up your Start Up project

  • Maybe you have some savings.
  • You may ask your family, friends and acquaintances.
  • Maybe you borrow from a bank.
  • Maybe to close a strategic partnership with the people in your ideas are willing and able to invest.

12) Go into action

Nothing happen alone. Entrepreneurship – starting the Start Up project, definitely not.

Be prepared to insert a great deal of energy, time, effort and money.

I wish you succeess.

Would you have easier work with Starting Up your project? Think about Network Marketing…

If you do not want to bother yourself with all the above items – and many others, because it is not a complete list, start a business based on the licensed know-how, or already established and functioning system.

If you do not have big capital to start, then the easiest way to get started is a business based on personal franchise license – or in Network Marketing (MLM).

Even if you want to have something of your own and want to create your own Start Up, even though I recommend you to get involved in the MLM company.

Maybe you will not be too active or too serious in that opportunity or you will not build it “to the top”, but don´t worry about that.

At least become a member and enjoy benefits of products and services and have an access to seminars.

Engage in MLM has several advantages:

  • you will have access to education that you get elsewhere for much more money …
  • get support and access to like-minded people and make new contacts,
  • you will master the basic business principles,
  • you will learn the basics of leadership that are necessary in any major business…

And you begin to look at your Start Up project, more from perspective of a business owner than a little self-employed businessman who still doesn’t have time or money…

Despite all the complications you still want to start your own Business Start Up based on your ideas?

There are many good books and resources on this topic that I could recommend.

But I will recommend you only two:

Back to the interview with the magazine Starting Up

Here is a transcript of the entire interview with the magazine Starting Up…

 1. START UP Question: What is the first thought that you comes to mind when you say: “advice for people to want start up
their project”?

First comes to my mind the necessity to decide in what area you want to work – what area you are willing to dedicate the next 2, 3, 5 or 10 years of your life and learn? What do you want to do?

It should be something that you are able to combine with your personal mission and what you want to achieve in life. With that is inextricably associated the need to do your market research:

  • Who other acts in this field, and in what am I unique, original?
  • What new into this field of business I bring?
  • What is unique on my approach or provided solution?
  • What is my value and benefits compared to competitors?

The fact that you are doing something that is similar to competitors is not bad – rather it shows you that in a given area ample business opportunities. It is all about your ability to communicate your services / products to be seen through benefits for customer and differentiate yourself from the competitors.

I recommend you – find a mentor – without a mentor without someone experienced, who has the experience and results in the area where you want to work, you knead unnecessarily more problems.

Your Journey with Mentor would be much more easier because he is able to direct you in the right direction, give you answers to questions, he is able to predict future, share with you contacts and accelerate your progress.

Without a mentor, it is always a trial and error method or gunfire into the darkness, and it costs much more time and money to achieve success.

2. START UP Question: You are a lot into personal development … Could you explain to our readers, who primarily not interested in personal growth, why link personal development and business?

Business is always growing as fast as a person who leads that business grows – we are talking about how fast a person grows internally.

This applies to both – knowledge but also skills and attitudes of entrepreneur behind the business.

Successful people / entrepreneurs simply think differently than most average people and if you want to get results as successful people, you need to
start thinking in such manner as think those who are today successful.

Different thinking leads to a different activity, and this leads to different results.

Today is not enough to simply walk out of school. It is necessary to continuously learn and develop throughout your whole life – it would be necessary to devote some time to your personal development every day – read books, listen to educational CDs, walk through some educational program;
personally growth total 30 to 60 minutes a day.

Than you see what you want to see.

3. START UP Question: Do you think if a person is involved in personal growth, is for him usual employment as a sort of brakes?

I think it depends more on what this person is seeking in life and expecting.

If somebody particularly likes his / her employment, he / her will certainly find a lot of opportunities where he / she can develop himself / herself and if that person is ambitious, capable and devote to it whole life, he / she will achieve the top of the employement pyramid.

The problem is that 95% of people at the top of the employee pyramid does not find true freedom and life without boundaries.

They simply find more money, more responsibility and the need to constantly “spin the wheel”, but no freedom…

Every business has a risk, often people begin without experience, but on the other hand, if they have a mentor, they would be able achieve good
lifestyle relatively soon – it means make money at the same time have enough time for themselves and their families and to live according to their wishes.

4. I noticed that your site is in an English version Is your opinion that the Czech Republic is a small market and if one wants to achieve something, he should concentrate on english speaking market?

The English market is certainly many times bigger. However I personally have an English version of the site, because I wanted to improve my english and second reason is, that I live abroad, outside of the Czech Republic and it is one of my way how to develop personally myself and come to new contacts.

I truly believe that man can find success on the Czech market, which seeks to find unless he / she is able to communicate sufficiently different his / her positions on the market for their business and simply communicates differently from most competitors.

5. How well of are your English pages compared to Czech ones? Are there any different characteristics in the behavior of your foreign fans compared to Czech fans?

Clearly not yet as successful as the Czech one. However, they work only a little over a year and I have not had much time to develop content on them, so far rather I´m seeking its position on the market.

Their contribution is now more for me to develop my English and gaining experience as English market behaves.

6. When I was preparing this conversation your website attacked hacker. How did you respond to such an attack?

I responded with a question: Why does anyone have the time and desire to create something that causes problems, instead of dedicate the same
amoun of time to improve lives of other people, lives of children, or whatever else?

I do not understand people who devote their own life destruction instead of creation…

And then I took a lesson from that and has undergone steps to correct the situation…

7. Some people would take such an attack personally and felt so frustrated that they would lost the strength to continue. What did you learn from hacker attack what lesson did you take as a good coach?

There was nothing personal. And if so, only in the sense that someone didn´t wish me success …

Rather, I think that it was not personal.

What I have learned and what you can take away as well? It never before happened to me, so it was a new experience, how to prevent that situation.

However, never give up. You can cry, you can swear, but then you need to pick up yourself from the ground and take the next step. And it is important to keep in mind whenever you encounter problems – whether in daily life or business.

8. In today world of social networks entrepreneurs have to deal with a number of attacks on their person. What is your advice to new entrepreneurs who are not yet sufficiently “used to it” not take it personally?

It’s your life. Take care of yourself and do not address the opinions of others. If you do everything according to the beliefs of others, than you will
not do anything else all day.

Give everyone the right to disagree with you, but the same right belongs to you – if you are convinced about your idea, mind your own business and work on your project in the direction of your conviction.

If you are doing the ethical thing within the law and honestly believe it’s for the good of others – ie that customers get some value when purchase a product or service that you provide, then it’s okay and you should continue regardless of what anyone thinks.

The world is full of critics, but no critic had erected statue. Awarded were always those one who actually did something, who were able to provide some results, and were beneficial to others.

9. On your site intrigued me that to read the entire text of the contribution is necessary to subscribe. This way you get emails into a database, which then sending newsletters and offers interesting?

Yes, webite work that way.

However, I´m considering that this would need change and articles will be accessible without logging in.

10. Does database of potential clients play a big role in the success of an individual on the internet?

The database is a treasure of a gold for every merchant in any field. The larger your database is, the more relevant your database is to the subject of activity of your business and the greater trust you have in people eyes in this database the better It is all about the relationship.

The better relationship you have with your database , the more money you earn. And therefore it makes no sense to buy a database.

Is better to create it step by step – on the Internet must be done through the providing of valuable content and free gifts in exchange for an email addresses of visitors.

On the other hand, it is a long-term way than to buy it somewhere. And so in the business wins the one who has a longer-term approach or Long term thinking – thinking ahead.

People who drop out after their first failure, they can not succeed in business and expect real results and lifestyle.

11. Do you have any message or advice for our readers in the end of this interview?

Strive for greatness in whatever you are doing, on the other hand, do not be afraid to start with anything what you now have a get better further
down the road to your success. Strive to fulfill your dreams. Never give up.

Find your mentor in the area where you want to succeed. It is vitally important.

Make your life worth something – when you would lay on your deathbed, you should be satisfied with yourself in front of yourself. Because there’s nothing worse than regret how you lived and not have any other opportunity to do anything about it.

Have a courage.

I hope this is helpful, and you have found value for yourself.

If so, share this article with others – whether by email or on social networks may be so more people can benefit.

PS: Get the system, which help you to Live Life without limits…


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