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Test For Acceleration of Your Success: 7 questions that alter your view …


I have prepared a test for you which will help you to focus on the basic things that you should incorporate into your daily routine – activities you deal with every day.

The test itself can be found in the second half of this article.

Before you go through the test and answer to 7 questions , take a moment and take a mental preparation by reading the article.

Read the article prior the test itself, as it will give you some guidance on how to experience a truly massive success.

Ready? So here we go…

First, the recapitulation of the topic – results, actions and habits…

In the previous article titled “Do you tend to focus on Your results or actions and habits?” I have encouraged you not to be blinded by chasing results. Instead you should honing your actions and create habits from them which you would practice every day (daily action = daily routine).

And that’s because it’s the only way how you can move wherever you want to be in your life.

Nothing else is as important as that you were consistent and worked on DAILY BASIS (yes, I know that this currently annoyed some of you, however daily basis means it´s every single day action) and because of that you will move tiny bit ahead each day…

If you have:

  1. A vision of where you want to get in your life, what you want to create, or what kind of person you want to become in the course of your life…
  2. Identified steps and the daily routine, which will lead to fulfillment of this vision…

Then you will be able to consistently to do one or more steps every single day [by this I mean specific activity] to fulfill this vision and you will still continue even when you have days when you feel tired, you wouldn’t be in a good mood or when you will feel, as if you want to give up.

You will grit your teeth anyway and you will be able to continue…

I often tell my 6-year old son who comes to me from time to time saying that he does not want to do something (for example, tidy up his bedroom):

You may not want it. It is not required. It’s enough that you do it …

Really. The fact that you do not want something to do really doesn’t matter. You need to do what is necessary…

Simply fulfill the daily routine that you have set for yourself.

Because life can be pretty tough sometimes. From time to time it will place a test in your way

  • Test to check your skills.
  • Test to determine the size of your commitment.
  • Test to prepare you and help you to the next level in your development.

If you have sufficiently attractive vision for yourself, you’ll also have a source of inspiration as well as motivation to be able to work on “your stuff” for many days in the long term without having to give up even in the days when you simply do not want to or when most people would say that’s not possible.

You will roll up sleeves and wade in.

Because only then you are able to fulfill your vision.

The mantra of success is not: I’ll do as much as possible during a single day or week…

The mantra of success is:

I’ll do the best what I can do now & every day…

Read this sentence one more time, word by word:

  • I´ll do – without work, activities and actions do not expect any results.
  • The best what I can – it does not mean you have to be perfect, it does not even mean that you have to wait untill you learn the activity or you do it perfectly. It means to start and make the best of what you have at the moment and to improve gradually in the process of performing the activity…
  • Now & every day – not once a week, not once a month. Every Single Day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and even Saturday and Sunday, if your vision asks for it …

Here you have a way to achieve something extraordinary…

Other basic axioms (claims) about the success from which we will come out …

Let’s start with some basic ones:

  • Success is no accident but the result of some cause.
  • Successful can be anyone who will adhere to clearly defined rules.
  • Success is the result of a clearly defined periodic action.
  • Success is predictable, as well as failure.

Success does not really have any secrets…

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There is nothing in any area of your life which can not be achieved, if you repeat over and over the proper steps that lead to the desired results and if you are consistent in your activities in the long term.

The daily routine and consistency is ultimate parameter what prevails over the fact that:

  • someone has a better potential,
  • someone was endowed a talent
  • someone has a better starting position…

Even if you become a man who has the best prerequisites for achieving all the incredible things and towering success, until you act every day and implement various tasks in the area in which you want to be succesful, nothing happens.

This story about the initial disadvantage will interest you:

It’s a story of a man, whose father was alcoholic and mother was psychopath. From early youth he was mistreated, as he was threatened with a gun pointing at his head. No major conditions for success, no love of his parents – it had to affect his personal values…

Finally, he was taken from this “family” by social services and he was sent to an orphanage. It seemed that it was improvement for him. However, in this orphanage, he was as a small boy repeatedly raped by carers.

After a few months of frustration and depression, he ran away, he fell into drug addiction and lived as a homeless person.

After some time, he made some decisions and get rid of drug addiction.

He started with Thai boxing professionally and ran a few marathons in several days in a row to support the fight against abused children – which was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

He became a professional motivational speaker who helps abused children and now has a happy family – even after everything he had to go through…

It seems like a fairy tale, right?

This man really does exist and his name is Tom Jones – I suggest you go through his web pages.

I believe that whether you’re in any situation, it is not so bad and you did not have to go through those hardships Tom Jones went through.

And because of that I believe also that you can change course of your life and accomplish something significant and inspire others to do the same, instead of having to live in mediocrity…

We’ve already uncover 2 components of massive success…

To make sure you understand that, I’ll repeat them once again:

  • Your Personal Vision
  • Consistent action – every day routine

However, there is still third component that will help you overcome any difficulties …

The third component is: the Will to remain an eternal student.

There are people who, when they reach success (and it can literally be at any level that is of interest to them), stop and start to look around them to find somebody they could actually be able to dazzle.

They stand on proverbial crossroads where one path is called “Humility” and the second path is called “Pride.”

Crossroad, which is also a vital test, which separates those who will achieve real greatness from those who will be forgotten.

If you choose the path of humility, you will be directed automatically to the greatness and higher levels of success.

If you choose the path of pride, you will begin to stagnate and eventually fall down into oblivion…

It takes only few months and you will be forgotten. Life blows you away.

The path of humility is related to the fact that one has to keep the mentality of the eternal student.

Because there is always someone somewhere who knows more and has more results than you have now.

It’s not about you to glaring someone…

It’s about finding a way how you can positively affect even greater number of people and help them get where they want to be, in a way that makes sense to you personally…

It’s about finding a way how to have a strong positive impact on the life of someone else.

Thus achieves actual greatness. However you will not get anywhere near it, unless you choose the way of humility and to be eternal student.

Be always humble.

Have your success and celebrate it. It’s alright.

But ask yourself: Who else can I help to succeed, and what new can I learn to move myself forward, instead of just stagnate at my current level…

This is the direction towards excellence, my friends…

And now you’re already well prepared for the announced test.

Test for accelerating of your success…

The following test is a very simple and brief.

Pick up the paper and a pencil and answer the questions. Then give yourself appropriate number of points that are conected with each answer.

Once the test is complete, add up all the points scored and think about what this result tells you…


Test Question 1) Do you read at least 15 minutes a day?

  • I read nothing but newspapers / magazines [0 points]
  • I read 15 minutes a day – some days but irregularly [2 points]
  • I read regularly, at least every second day [5 points]
  • I read every day and usually more than 15 minutes [10 points]

Test Question 2) Do You listen to a motivational / instructional tape or CD /day?

  • I do not listen anything besides music / radio [0 points]
  • Sometimes I listen to educational / motivational CD, but irregularly [2 points]
  • I listen regularly educational / motivational CD, at least every second day [5 points]
  • I listen to educational / motivational CD every day and sometimes more than one record / day [10 points]

Test Question 3) Do you attend at least one seminar / month focusing on communication / relationship building / marketing / sales skills?

  • I don’t attend any seminars [0 points]
  • I attend seminars regularly about every 2 months [5 points]
  • Yes, I attend approximately one seminar a month [10 points]

Test Question 4) Do you have a long-term vision you are focusing on?

  • I have no vision. Simply react to situations that happen every day [0 points]
  • I have a vision, and from time to time I remind it (at least once every 3 months), but I haven’t particularly captured it on paper [5 points]
  • Yes, I have a long-term vision and know exactly which steps have to take place this year, so I can move towards realizing the overall big picture over the next few years. I have my vision trapped on paper, it hangs on my board and I work with it every week [10 points]


Test Question 5) Are you teachable? How do you respond to the advice of experts / mentors / coaches?

  • I don’t trust them and I do everything my own way [0 points]
  • I Invent already invented and I try what works and what does not, but eventually I follow recommendations [5 points]
  • I am aware that if I want to get to where my mentor already is, I have to follow his advice, without excuses and finding reasons why it would not work for me [10 points]

Test Question 6) Are you in regular touch with your mentor?

  • I do not have a mentor, I do everything myself by trial and error [0 points]
  • Yes, at least once a month [5 points]
  • Yes, at least twice a month [10 points]

Test Question 7) Do you take regular ACTION? Are you doing anything in particular to ensure that you fulfill your dreams?

  • Yes, at least 2x a year 🙂 [0 points]
  • Yes, I work on a weekly basis for the realization of my dreams [5 points]
  • Yes, I work on my dreams every day. Every day I make even a tiny step that will move me in my thoughts a bit forward . [10 points]

Evaluate the test quite simply…

If you have undergone test and have reached at least 35-points out of a maximum possible 70-point, then you’re well on your way to accelerate your success with regard to the information that I have shared with you prior the test .

Look back at the questions where you did not get full points and think about whether and how the question is relevant to you personally and to what you do and also what could you do to increase points.

If you achieved 35-points and below in test, then it is time to think and determine what changes you have to do in your life to achieve greater success…

Test to accelerate the success and final words…

Decide today that you will succeed, because you can succeed if you decide to, and if you believe that you deserve it…

Go for it with the greatest hunger, stubbornness and passion and then you can not fail – you will be able to change the direction of your future as well as your family future and next generations.

But nothing is free. You will have to devote your time, energy, effort and money.

However, If you have a vision, everyday routine, you are consistent in daily action towards your vision, it is certain that sooner or later you will reach it.

When will it be? I do not know. Donald Trump was waiting on the implementation of some of his projects for 30 years. But he endured.

If you work on what is important to you, if you are humble enough and you are a student, you will get everything you set out to do.


I wish you great days full of energy, and I look forward to our personal meeting.

If you want to accomplish “your life without borders” before others, please contact me right away


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